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Aaliyah (highborn)

Aaltje (noble maiden)

Abagael (father of joy)

Abby (Father rejoiced, or fathers joy. Gives joy)

Abigael (father of joy)

Abigail (my father is joy)

Abrahamina (father of a multitude.)

Adelheid (Form of Adelaide)

Adelheyd (a noble person)

Adriana (man of Adria)

Adrie (From the Adriatic)

Agnes (Chaste)

Aimée (Dearly loved; Beloved)

Aleen (Fair, good-looking)

Aleid (noble maiden)

Aleida (noble maiden)

Alene (Fair, good-looking)

Aleta (Little winged one)

Aletta (truth)

Alexandra (defender of mankind)

Alice (nobility)

Alicia (noble)

Alida (Noble)

Alina (Noble)

Aline (Noble)

Alisa (great happiness)

Alisha (nobility)

Alyd (a noble person)

Alysha (nobility)

Alyssa (noble)

Amalia (Work)

Amani (wishes)

Amber (Jewel. Amber stone.)

Amelia (Rival)

Amélie (Hard working. Industrious. Striving.)

Amina (Trustworthy. Reliable. Faithful.)

Amira. (princess; treetop, proverb, or sheaf of corn)

Amy (beloved)

Angelien (angel)

Angelina (angel)

Anna (Name of a king)

Annabel (graceful, or favour)

Annabelle (Beautiful)

Anne (Favour or grace)

Annemie (Bitter grace)

Anouk (God is gracious)

Ans (compassion, grace)

Antonia (priceless,praiseworthy)

Arabella (Beautiful)

Ashley (ash tree clearing)

Asya (Grace)

Ava (bird)

Aya (colour,design)

Ayla (Oak tree)

Aylin (Moon)

Azra (virgin)


Babette (either oath of God, or God is satisfaction)

Beatrix (Traveller)

Beau (beautiful)

Bente (Danish feminine form of Benedict)

Betje (Devoted to God)

Bianca (White.)

Brandy (Brandy drink)

Brann (Brandy drink)

Brenda (Sword)

Britt (Man from Britain)


Caitlin (pure)

Carmen (Vineyard of God)

Carolien (manly)

Catharina (pure)

Cato. (The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Supportor of Brutus.)

Cecilia (Blind)

Celina (caelum)

Celine (sky or heaven)

Chantal (Stony)

Charissa (grace, loving, beauty.)

Charlie (Free man, man)

Charlotte (Feminine manly)

Chelsea (landing place for chalk or limestone)

Chelsey (Port For Chalk Or Limestone)

Cheyenne (red speakers)

Chiara (light, clear)

Chloe (green shoot)

Christel (Christian)

Christiane (follower of Christ)

Christina (Follower of Christ)

Ciel (Shield, Scholar)

Cindy (Lucinda)

Claire (Clear, bright)

Coby (supplanter)

Cornelia (The feminine form of Cornelius)


Dagmar (day)

Daisy (The days eye)

Dani (God Is My Judge)

Daniëlle (God is my judge)

Danique (morning star)

Daphne (Laurel)

Demi (half)

Denise (From the Latin Dionysos or Dionysus, referring to the Greek god of wine)

Destiny (destiny, fate)

Dewi (Beloved or friend, from the Hebrew)

Diana (Heavenly, divine)

Diantha (Heavenly flower)

Diede (people)

Dilara (Lover; an ornament to beauty)

Dina (Avenged. Judged and vindicated)

Dominique (Of the Lord)

Doortje (gift of God)

Doris (Dorian woman)

Dorothea (Gift of God)

Dunya (this world)


Edda (Poetry)

Eden (place of pleasure)

Edith (Wealth, fortune, war)

Ela (Earth)

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Elena (Shining light, or bright one)

Eleonora (Shining light)

Elif. (slender)

Elin (Scandinavian and Welsh form of HELEN)

Elina (Shining light, or bright one)

Elisa (light from God)

Elisabeth (Devoted to God)

Elise (either oath of God)

Eliza (pledged to God)

Elizabeth (my God is an oath or my God is abundance)

Ella (Beautiful fairy)

Ellen (bright, shining light)

Elsa (either oath of God, or God is satisfaction)

Emilia (rival)

Emilie (Rival, Ambitious, Industrious)

Emily (Hard working)

Emma (Whole, universal)

Esma (Form of ESMERALDA)

Esmé (Loved, esteemed)

Esmee (amatus meaning loved)

Esra (Help, helper.more,quick)

Esther (Star)

Eva (life)

Evelien (little bird)

Eveline (From a surname derived from the Old French aveline meaning hazelnut.)

Evie (Life, living, lively)

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Fabienne (bean grower)

Faith (to trust)

Farah (joy)

Fatima (Captivating. Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad)

Fay (fairy)

Faye (Fairy)

Felicia (happy)

Feline (Dutch feminine form of FELINUS.)

Femke (Peace)

Fenna (Feminine form of FEN)

Fleur (Flower)

Floor (Dutch form of Florentius see FLORENCE or FLORA)

Floortje (little flower)

Flore (flowering, in bloom)

Florine (blossoming, flourishing)

Frederique (peaceful ruler)


Geertje, (firm spear)

Geertruida (spear maid)

Gemma (Precious stone)

Gerarda (firm spear)

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Gerardina (firm spear)

Gerda (firm spear)

Gerdi (firm spear)

Gertrud (spear maid)

Gertrude (Spear of strength)

Gertruida (spear maid)

Giulia (Italian form of Julia: youthful)

Greet (pearl)

Greetje (pearl)

Greta (pearl)

Griet (pearl)

Grietje (pearl)

Gwen (white, fair, blessed)


Hadewych (war refuge)

Hafsa (gathering)

Hailey (Hays meadow)

Hajar (Wife of Prophet Ibrahim)

Haley (Hero, hay woods)

Hannah (Favour, grace)

Hanne (Grace)

Hanneke (Favoured graciously)

Hayley (hay clearing)

Hedy (Battle, combat)

Heleen (the bright)

Heleentje (the bright)

Helena (light)

Hendrika (Rules the home)

Hendrikje (Rules the home)

Hendrina (Rules the home)

Hennie (home ruler)

Hilda (Battle)

Hilde (battle)


Ida (Work, labour)

Ilana (tree)

Ilse (From Elisheba)

Imani (faith)

Imke (whole, immense, universal)

Indy (Independent)

Inge (Feminine )

Irene (peace)

Iris (Rainbow)

Isa (Devoted to God)

Isabel (My God is bountiful;God of plenty)

Isabella (pledged to God)

Isabelle (Devoted to God)

Isis (the throne)

Isra (nocturnal journey)

Iva (God is gracious)

Ivy (A creeping vine)