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Dutch Baby Baby Names

Dutch Baby Name Generator

Unique Dutch Baby Names & Meanings


Jaap (supplanter)

Jack (man)

Jackie (God is gracious)

Jacob (supplanter)

Jacoba (supplanter)

Jacobin (a Jacobin)

Jacobine (a Jacobin)

Jacobus (supplanter)

Jada (jade, colic)

Jake (Medieval variant of JACK. It is also sometimes used as a short form of JACOB)

Jakob (supplanter)

Jakobus (supplanter)

Jamie (Originally a Lowland Scots diminutive of JAMES)

Jan (Gift from God)

Janna (flourishing)

Janne. (yahweh gracious)

Janneke (Jehovahs gift)

Jantina (Jehovahs gift)

Jari (Short form of JALMARI)

Jasmijn (Dutch form of JASMINE.)

Jasmine (Persian flower name)

Jason (to heal)

Jasper (Treasurer)

Jayda (precious stone)

Jayden (Variant of JADEN)

Jaylee (Blue Jay Meadown)

Jaylin (Jaybird)

Jayson (Variant of JASON)

Jef (addition)

Jelle (Sacrifice, value)

Jeltje (everlasting)

Jeltsje (everlasting)

Jenna (white shadow, white wave)

Jennifer (Fair one)

Jens (Danish form of JOHN)

Jeremias (appointed)

Jeremy (Medieval English form of JEREMIAH, and the form used in some versions of the New Testament)

Jeroen (form of JEROME.)

Jesper (Danish form of JASPER)

Jess (Jehovah exists)

Jesse (Gift)

Jessica (Rich. God beholds)

Jessie (Wealthy)

Jette (jet)

Jill (youthful)

Jim (supplanter)

Jimmy (Supplanter)

Joanna (God is gracious)

Job (Persecuted, hated)

Jochem (whom)

Joël (French and Dutch form of JOEL)

Joëlle (Jehovah is God)

Joep (addition)

Joeri (farmer)

Joey (Diminutive of JOSEPH)

Johan (God is gracious)

Johanna (Jehovahs gift)

Johanneke (JOHANNEKE)

Johannes (Jehovahs gift)

Jolie (pretty)

Jonah (dove)

Jonathan (God given)

Joop (Jehovahs gift or grace.)

Joos (he will add)

Joost (Just.)

Joran (God is exalted)

Jordaan (the descender)

Jordi (Jordan down flowing.)

Joris (farmer)

Jos (addition)

Josef (addition)

Josephine (May Jehovah add)

Joshua (YAHWEH is salvation)

Jost (just)

Joy (happy)

Joyce (lord)

Jozef (addition)

Jozua (Jehovah is salvation)

Judith (Judith)

Julia (Youthful)

Julian (Youthful)

Julie (Young.)

Juliette (youthful)

Julius (downy-bearded)

June (Born In June)

Juno (youth)

Jürg (husbandman)

Jürgen (farmer)

Jurre (Short form of JURRYT)

Jurriaan (farmer)

Justin (Just; upright; righteous)

Justus (Just)


Kaatje (Pure)

Kaj (Earth.)

Karel (manly)

Kasper (Polish, Dutch and Scandinavian form of JASPER)

Kate (Pure, clear)

Katelijn (pure)

Katelijne (pure)

Katharina (pure)

Katrien (pure)

Katy (Pure, clear)

Kayla (Variants of Kay: keeper of the keys; pure)

Kaylee (Pure.)

Kayleigh (pure.)

Kees (kingly)

Kelian (Fight, Cell, Strife)

Kelsey (Cenels island)

Kerneels (horn of the sun)

Kevin (Kind, gentle, handsome)

Khadija (premature child)

Kiara (Dark)

Kilian (Fight, Cell, Strife)

Killian (Fight, Cell, Strife)

Kim (Noble or brave)

Kim. (Bold family)

Kimberly (From the wood of the royal forest. From the royal fortress meadow)

Kirsten (Christian)

Klaartje (bright)

Klaas (victor of the people)

Klaasje (lame)

Klara (bright)

Klasina (lame)

Klazina (lame)

Kobus (supplanter)

Koen (Honest advisor.)

Koenraad (able council)

Koert (able council)

Koos (supplanter)

Kornel (kingly, powerful)

Kort (able council)

Kunigonde (bold war)

Kyler (Archer)

Kyra (Enthroned)


Laila (night)

Lambert (Land, bright)

Lana (Short form of ALANA English or SVETLANA Russian)

Larissa (Citadel)

Lars (Victorious)

Laura (Laurel)

Lauren (Of Laurentum)

Laurens (From the place of the laurel trees.)

Layla (night)

Lea (weary or meadow)

Leah (weary)

Lena (Woman of Magdala)

Leo (Lion)

Leon (Lion)

Leonard (Brave lion)

Leonie (Hardy lion or lion-bold)

Leopold (People, bold)

Levi (Attached)

Lex (Short form of ALEXANDER)

Leyla (night)

Liam (strong-willed warrior)

Lianne (Downy grace)

Lieke (Dutch diminutive of ANGELIQUE or names ending in lia.)

Liesbeth (to whom God is an oath.)

Liesje (to whom God is an oath.)

Lieve (beloved)

Lieve (Good life; godly life)

Lieven (beloved friend)

Lievin (beloved friend)

Lijsbeth (to whom God is an oath.)

Lilly (The flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty)

Lily (English flower name)

Linda (Soft, tender)

Lindsay (LINCOLN island)

Linn (Scottish for waterfall and the pool below this)

Lisa (Devoted to God)

Lisanne (Consecrated to God.)

Lise (Salmons head rising above water)

Liselot (Elisabeth Charlotte)

Liselotte (Elisabeth Charlotte)

Livia. (blue, envious)

Liz (Gods Promise)

Liza (or Elizabeth)

Lizzie (My God is a vow)

Lizzy (Elizabeth, from Elisheba)

Lodewijk (famous war)

Loes (famous war)

Lois (Holy.)

Lola (sorrows)

Lorena (Laurel)

Lorenzo (Italian and Spanish form of Laurentius see LAURENCE)

Lotte (Masculine.)

Lou (Famous warrior, from the Old German Chlodovech)

Louisa (renowned warrior)

Louise (Famous warrior)

Lowie (famous war)

Luc (Light; illumination)

Lucas (Light)

Luciano (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of LUCIANUS)

Lucy (light born at dawn or daylight, maybe also shiny, or of light complexion)

Ludolf (Famous, wolf)

Luka (Form of LUKE)

Lukas (German, Scandinavian and Lithuanian form of LUKE)

Luke (from Lucania)

Luna (The moon)

Luuk (from Lucania)

Lydia (from Lydia)

Lynn (lake)


Maaike (Dutch diminutive of MARIA)

Maarten (Fondness of war)

Maartje (of Mars)

Maas (a twin)

Machteld (mighty battle maid.)

Madeleine (woman from Magdala or high tower)

Madelief (Daisy)

Madelon (Woman from Magdal)

Mads (Danish short form of MATHIAS)

Maja (palm tree)

Malak (angel)

Mandy (worthy of being loved)

Manfred (Strength, peace)

Manon (wished-for child)

Mara (bitter)

Marcel (Form of the Latin Marcellus meaning hammer.)

Marco (Warring)

Maren (sea)

Margaretha (pearl.)

Margriet (pearl)

Maria (wished-for child)

Mariam (Star Of The Sea)

Marianne (Marie Anne)

Marie (Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter)

Marieke (Dutch diminutive of MARIA)

Marielle (Uncertain)

Marij (bitter)

Marijke (bitter)

Marijn (dedicated to mars)

Marijse (Marij Loes)

Marinus (Of the sea)

Marit (Lady.)

Marius (Male)

Marja (bitter)

Marjan (bitter)

Marjolein (marjoram)

Marjolijn (marjoram)

Mark (Form of MARCUS)

Marko (of Mars)

Marley (pleasant wood, boundary wood, marten wood)

Marloes (Marja Loe)

Marly (From the march meadow. Similar Names: Harley English )

Martijn (Dutch form of MARTIN)

Marwa (Flower)

Maryam (is also the name of a flower)

Mason (stoneworker)

Mats (Swedish and Norwegian short form of MATTHIAS)

Matthijs (form of MATTHIAS)

Maud (Strong in war)

Maureen (The Latin meaning is dark)

Maurits (Dutch form of MAURICE)

Max (Greatest)

Maxim (Variant transcription of MAKSIM or MAKSYM)

Maya (water)

Mayra (wonder, peace and wonderful)

Mechteld (mighty battle maid.)

Mees (Diminutive of BARTHOLOMEUS)

Megan (pearl)

Mehmet (Turkish form of MUHAMMAD)

Meine (Strength)

Melanie (Black, dark)

Melchior (King city)

Melina (honey)

Melisa (honey bee)

Melissa (Bee)

Melle (Meeting)

Melody (song)

Merel (blackbird)

Merle (blackbird)

Mert (brave)

Meryem (bitterness, beloved, wished for child)

Mette (Pearl)

Mia (bitter)

Micha (Form of MICAH used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.)

Michael (Who is like God?)

Michelle (Feminine of Michael)

Michiel (who is like God?)

Mick (Short form of MICHAEL)

Mieke (bitter)

Miep (bitter)

Mies (bitter)

Mies (whom Jehovah has)

Mike (Short form of MICHAEL.)

Mila (gracious, dear)

Milan (Gracious, dear)

Milana (from Milan)

Miley (Miley)

Mina (northman,norseman)

Minke (power, strength)

Mira (wonder and wonderful.)

Miranda (Admirable, wonderful)

Mirjam (bitter)

Mirthe (Variant of MYRTHE.)

Misha (God like)

Mitch (Gift from God)

Mitchel (Form of Michael Who is like God?.)

Mohamed (Variant transcription of MUHAMMAD)

Morris (Usual medieval form of MAURICE)

Mozes (saved from the water; or, great Law-giver.)

Muhammed (Turkish form of MUHAMMAD, as well as a variant transcription of the Arabic name)

Mustafa (the chosen one)

Myrthe (Myrtle)


Nada (Nothing)

Nadia. (Hope)

Nadine (Hope.)

Naomi (Pleasantness)

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Natasha (Born at Christmas.)

Nathalie (Birthday; especially the birthday of Christ)

Nathan (Gift from God.)

Nelleke (A horn)

Nena (sweetheart)

Nick (Peoples victory.)

Nicolaas (victor of the people)

Nicole (Peoples victory)

Niek (Diminutive of NICOLAAS.)

Niels (Son of Niel)

Nienke (Frisian diminutive of KATHERINE.)

Nigel (black)

Nika (Good)

Nikita. (Earth, Victorious )

Nikki (Of the Lord)

Nikolaas (victor of the people.)

Nikolaus (victor of the people.)

Nils (Swedish and Norwegian form of NICHOLAS)

Nina (Strong)

Nine (Frisian short form of KATHERINE.)

Noa (movement)

Noëlle (Christmas)

Noortje (pity)

Nora (light)

Norbert (North, bright)

Nova (new)

Nynke (pure, tortrue)

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Olaf (Ancestor's descendent)

Ole (Relic.)

Oliver (olive tree)

Olivia (olive)

Olivier (French and Dutch form of OLIVER)

Omar (Life. Long living)

Ömer (Turkish form of UMAR)

Oscar (deer friend)

Otto (Wealth, fortune)


Pascal (Relating to Easter)

Paul (Small, humble)

Paulien (small)

Pauwels (small)

Pelle (Swedish diminutive of PER)

Pepijn (father)

Peter (Stone)

Philip (Friend of horses)

Piet (a stone)

Pieter (Rock)

Pim (resolute helmet)

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Pippa (lover of horses)

Prisca (Ancient)


Quincy (Born fifth)

Quinn (descendant of CONN)

Quinten (Variant and Dutch form of QUENTIN.)


Rachel (Ewe)

Radboud (Counsel, leader)

Raf (Short form of RAFAËL)

Rafael (Form of RAPHAEL)

Rana (an eye-catching object)

Rasmus (amiable)

Ravi (sun)

Rayan (Variant transcription of RAYYAN)

Rebecca (a young woman whose beauty ensnares men)

Rebekka (a young woman whose beauty ensnares men)

Rein (Advice, counsel)

Reinier (warrior of judgment)

Rembrandt (Advice, sword)

Renate (warrior of judgment)

Rens (Short form of LAURENS or EMERENS.)

Reza (Reaper)

Rhode (Greek form of RHODA)

Richard (Brave power)

Rick (Hard ruler)

Riikard (stern king)

Rik (Short form of HENDRIK, FREDERIK, and other names containing rik)

Rikila (stern ruler)

Riley (rye clearing)

Roan (Variant of RONNE)

Robbert (Famously famous)

Robbie (Abbreviation of Robert Famed; bright; shining.)

Robert (Bright fame)

Robin (Bright)

Roel (the countrys glory)

Roeland (the countrys glory)

Roland (Famous land)

Romy (Diminutive of ROSEMARIE or ROSEMARY.)

Ronja (Gods joyful song)

Roos (Rose)

Roosevelt (Field of roses)

Rosalie (Rose. Similar Names: Rosalia )

Rosanne (Compound of Rose and Anne favour; grace)

Rosey (Field of roses)

Rosie (Field of roses)

Rowan (descendant of RUADHÁN)

Roy (king)

Ruben (Behold a son.)

Ruby (which ultimately derives from Latin ruber red)

Rudolf (Fame, wolf)

Rutger (famous spear)

Ruth (Friend)

Ruud (famous wolf)

Ryan (descendant of Rían)


Sabine (woman of the Sabine people)

Salma (safe)

Sam (name of God or God has heard)

Samantha (Flower)

Sammie (God has heard)

Samuel (Name of God)

Sander (Defender of man.)

Sanna (TRUE)

Sanne (lily)

Sara (Princess)

Sarah (Princess)

Sascha (protector of mankind.)

Saskia (a Saxon woman.)

Schuyler (Shield, Scholar)

Schuyler (Shield, Scholar)

Sebastiaan (awful or venerable one)

Sebastian (from Sebaste)

Selena (Moon goddess)

Selina (moon)

Sem (Mame, renown.)

Sepp (German diminutive of JOSEPH)

Servaas (Saved, redeemed)

Shania (on my way)

Sharon (His plain; his song)

Siem (Dutch short form of SIMON)

Sienna (Reddish orange-brown, reddish brown)

Silke (Blind)

Simon (He has heard)

Simone (Heard.)

Simone. (one who hears)

Sjaak (supplanter)

Sjef (addition)

Sjoerd (Frisian form of SIGURD)

Sjors (farmer)

Sky (Shield, Scholar)

Sky (Shield, Scholar)

Skye (Shield, Scholar)

Skye (Shield, Scholar)

Skylar (Shield, Scholar)

Skylar (Shield, Scholar)

Skyler (Shield, Scholar)

Skyler (Shield, Scholar)

Sofia (wisdom)

Sofie (wisdom)

Sofietje (wisdom)

Sophia (wisdom)

Sophie (Wisdom; wise)

Soraya (jewel)

Stacey (Fruitful, productive)

Stan (Stony field)

Stef (Short form of STEFANUS)

Stefan (Crown.)

Stella (star)

Sten (Stone)

Sterre (Star)

Steven (Medieval English variant of STEPHEN, and a Dutch variant of STEFAN)

Stijn (dignified)

Storm (From the English word storm, ultimately from Old English)

Susanna (a lily)

Susanne (a lily)

Suzanne (Graceful lily)

Sven (Boy)

Sverre (wild, swinging, spinning)

Sylvie (from the forest)


Tamar (palm tree)

Tamara (date palm tree)

Tara (Where the kings me)

Tatum (Tatas homestead)

Tessa (Abbreviation of Teresa)

Teun (Dutch short form of ANTONIUS)

Theresia (harvester)

Thijmen (Dutch form of TIEDEMANN)

Thijs (Comes form Matthias)

Thirza (delightful)

Thom (Short form of THOMAS)

Thomas (Twin)

Ties (People)

Tijmen (Dutch form of TIEDEMANN.)

Tijn (Short form of MARTIJN or AUGUSTIJN)

Tim (One who honors God)

Timon (Honour, Esteem)

Tobias (Greek form of TOBIAH)

Tom (Twin)

Trees (harvester)

Treesje (harvester)

Trijntje (pure.)

Tristan (Old French form of the Pictish name Drustan, a diminutive of DRUST)

Truus (spear maid)

Tryne (Pure)

Tycho (hitting the mark)

Tygo (Dutch form of TYCHO)


Urian (husbandman)

Ursula (Little bear)


Valentijn (healthy)

Valentina (healthy, strong)

Valérie (Strong; valiant)

Vanessa (Butterfly)

Vera (Faith, True)

Vicky (Victory; triumphant)

Victor (victor, conqueror)

Victoria (victory)

Viggo (war)

Viktor (conqueror)

Vince (English short form and Hungarian normal form of VINCENT)

Vincent (To conquer)

Viona (fair)

Vivian (alive)


Wagner (Wagon driver)

Wendel (Vandal)

Wendy (Peter Pan)

Werner (Guard, army)

Wesley (west meadow)

Wessel (Diminutive of WERNER)

Wiebe (War)

Wilbert (Bright will)

Wilhelmina (resolute helmet)

Willem (resolute helmet)

Willemijn (with the will as strong as a helmet)

Willemina (resolute helmet)

William (will, desire)

Wob (Rule)

Wolter (powerful warrior)

Wouter (Strong fighter)


Xander (defender of man)

Xandra (defender of mankind.)

Xavi (Catalan diminutive of XAVIER)

Xavier (the new house)


Yannick (God is gracious)

Yasmin (jasmine)

Yasmina (Jasmine)

Yasmine (Jasmine flower)

Yorick (Earth worker)

Youssef (Variant transcription of YUSUF)

Yusuf (Arabic and Turkish form of Yosef see JOSEPH)


Zahra (brilliant, bright)

Zakaria (Georgian form of ZECHARIAH. This is also a variant transcription of Arabic ZAKARIYYA)

Zara (Princess)

Zehra (beautiful, bright)

Zeynep (ornament)

Zoë (Life)

Zoey (Life)

Zuzanna (lily)